Borgo Antico

Borgo Antico is a family-owned winery in the hills of Conegliano Veneto, a land with moraine origins and a clay-rich core, which has always been devoted to the cultivation of the vine, giving its wines delicate fragrances and particularly determined aromas.

The adventure began in 1973 when Mr. Marchesin Vito decided to produce local wine, involving his entire family, but mainly his son Leonardo. Leonardo began his career as oenologist, and since 1995 has taken over the company now owning 15 acres of land and producing 70,000 bottles of wine per year. In order to safeguard and respect the environment, the winery has achieved a self-sufficient energy system through the use of solar and photovoltaic panels.

The most widely grown variety, namely 80% of total production, is the Prosecco. Once the grapes arrive in the winery, they are manually poured out of the boxes. A portion is gently pressed while the other is put through a cold maceration process in order to enhance the extraction of the primary aromas. The processing in an inert environment allows for a low sulphur level, for the aromas to remain pure thus acquiring a peculiarity that goes directly to the palate and at the same time is enjoyable thus reflecting and representing its original territory.

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