About us

Let life sparkle

We believe that special memories remain longer when a cork is popped. That has motivated us to create Bollicine, the first boutique and club in Zurich focused exclusively on sparkling wines.

There are limited options in Switzerland when it comes to bubbles, and we don’t want you to miss the fizzy (and less expensive) world that exists beyond Champagne. We select wines from all over the world meticulously -Crémant, Franciacorta, Cava, Prosecco, etc.- giving priority to sustainable products and empowering small producers. The classics, rare and vintage also have a special place in our cellar.

With our wide-ranging assortment, we create unforgettable experiences - including tasting events, vineyard trips, team building activities- for you to test, savor, learn and connect with people who share the same passion or curiosity. No previous knowledge is needed.

We also design tailored parties for your big events (wedding, birthday, opening) and for every little moment worth celebrating. You dream it, we make it happen.

Everyone is welcome to join the club. Let’s create sparkling memories together!